Terrace Houses in Ephesus

Terrace housesTerrace Houses are located on the hill, opposite the Hadrian Temple in Ephesus Ruins. Also known as "the houses of rich", important for the reason gives us information about family life during the Roman period. These houses were built according to the Hippodamian plan of the city in which roads transected each other at right angels.

There are six residential units on three terraces at the lower end of the slope of the Bulbul Mountain. The earliest building dates back into the 1C BC and continued in use as residence until the 7C AD.

Ephesus Terrace Houses are covered with protective roofing which resembles Roman houses. The mosaics on the floor and the frescos have been consolidated and 2 houses have been opened to the public as a museum.

They had interior courtyards (peristyle) in the center, with the ceiling open. They were mostly two-storied, upper stores have collapsed during time. Terrace houses On the first floor there were living and dining rooms opening to the hall, and level above there were bedrooms and guest rooms.

The heating system of the Terrace houses were the same as that in baths. Clay pipes beneath the floors and behind the walls carried hot air through all houses. The houses also had cold and hot water. Most rooms had no window, only illuminated with light coming from the open hall, so most of the rooms were dim. The excavations of the terrace houses started in 1960. The restoration of the two of the houses have been finished and can be visited today. Please also note that Terrace houses are normally not included in most Private Ephesus Tours, please make sure that you ask for it.

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